You have found a therapist who beliefs therapy is there to find out what makes us human. To find out what you need to reach your full potential as a human being. And to figure out how to life within your full potential in this world of turmoil, anxiety and despair.

I belief we as human beings have the potential to be amazing, creative and go beyond our suffering. I belief we can be revolutionary great for ourselves and our environment. I belief we can make our soul sing and have our surroundings sing with us, but sometimes we need a little guidance and help.

As a therapist I help to figure out what makes you tick/unhappy in human relationships, I help you figure out what conditions in the past created your responses in the here and now. So that you can go beyond the past and learn to be in relationships with others (colleagues, teachers, family members, partners) in a new way that’s is healthy and nourishing for you and them.

A therapy session lasts 50 minutes and I charge £50 per session. The sessions take place on a weekly basis.